$50 Fake MacBook Pro vs $1,500 MacBook Pro

Coolest Tech on the Planet 2017 Edition!
Found a $50 MacBook Pro dummy but how does it stack up vs a real $1,500 MacBook Pro?

Real 2016 MacBook Pro -
Full Lego MiniFigure Haul Video -

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Jonathan Morrison
BTW who caught the latest video? 😀 https://youtu.be/WAbXBEGiS58?list=PLqcaiHQwxA9gWWz-l_C2Ai536Gxz3_cLJ
darshan mohanty
hit like if u r out of money to buy even the dummy
Kyle Li
Its actually a great film prop, you don't need a real macbook to throw around on sets.
" its almost so fake that you gotta double check if it is real " lol
It's not a real because that one has a headphone jack
Pavel Bireš

But $700 phone don't have it.

Good job, crApple! 🍏
Austin Evans
Nice try. 😎
You could use it in a store, or maybe as a movie prop. That's probably the primary reason anyone would buy this. If a studio doesn't wanna dish out 1000 bucks for a real Macbook, they could just buy a $50 one to "use".
Vincent Y
well, as a Chinese who worked in IT market place in a mall, I have to say this is not "fake", this is "exhibition sample" for us (mall market place sellers" to put them on the desk for size comparison). Because Macbook is so expensive, you don't really want to put a few different models there. someone might steal them when you did't pay enough attention. but with 50 dollars sample, alright, say "enjoy" to the theft
Mohammad Zarooni
We would like to buy the fake
go to the apple store and say that something is wrong with your mac pro :D
You can get a proper, used laptop for 50$ with a Core2Duo.
Clorox Bleach
the 50 dollar macbook dummy is more worth it then the macbook itself
lol man
add 1450 more $$$$ and you have a real MacBook pro
why apple why
[Rise] vRxge
Who would buy a MacBook dummy for $50?
J Powell
now build a computer inside of it
Aleksandar Scekic
Stock photography & videography...
aleksandar mijajlovic
My MacBook Pro is REAL...
Cesarr Fernandez
-Samsung pro?
-No! No!
- This is replic pro!
Techno Bot
Can I buy it also???
100x times better than the original one
Hoodxo Calum
Wait so I deadass can purchase a $50 MacBook and it’ll work legit?
I just found the perfect gift if my friend asks for a mackbook
Tony Lewis
Not sure id say its fake if its meant to be a prop..
you can just buy an old 2002 macbook for 50 dollars
Neil Teje
who else is watching even though they cant afford either one of the laptops?
k.v.Narasimha Murthy
my phone costs more than 50$ bro.
great laptop.
Sangit Assam
According to My current financial status I cannot even buy that fake macbook
Aran Farazi
Real MacBook Touchbar Gang Wya?

Edit: I watched this vid before buying this MacBook, now I have a £2000 MacBook sick!
I subscribed to you and I love your channel!!!!
Carlo Elia Filippo
And now, I'd like to watch a complete review
of this fake MacBook Pro with comparisons with the original one, benchmarks and everything :-)
LongDrive Online
Holy cow that would be an amazing April fool's prank!
Exploring With Devin
I just bought a 100$ 2009 MacBook Air today at a thrift store
X Blocky
add 50$ more and you can buy working Fake macbook
Luming Yin
A giveaway for this broken MacBook Pro clone would be AMAZING!
I think the fake one is better, i mean the real one is so expensive..🤔
Zunaira Khan
who else is watching this on a macbook pro..
Where's the actual difference?
Moey Youssef
This would be very helpful to those people Making films so they have a night background laptop
C rus
ninja reflexes=scared to pay for braking a mac:)
Power bendz
...Im subscribed...But how cuz its my first time on this channel ill leave it like that :D
It's Layla
What is the name of the store you got it from and from where its is so important please answer me
Brendan Yoder
I still couldn't afford a $50 MacBook Pro.
MAJ Plays
3:37 OMG I'm dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aleksandar be together not the same
when fake mac book ia better then foxcon iShit hahahabhaha
Jack Gong
with 50$ budget, even China can't save you
Magnus Nilsen
At least, its dont have keyboard issuses.
The Barefooted Gardener
You should leave it at Starbucks, and see what happens!
Rayhant Aji Chatulistiwa
HAHAHAHAHA.... Funniest Laptop drop ever!
cool2frog gamer
i would so totally want the fake macbook pro giveaway! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!
BigD Travels
.....Both perform equally as well. MacBook = Charging double for Half the performance, because we can.
WAIT CONSPIRACY THEORY he is austin's brother
Austin: hey guys, austin here
Jonathan: yo guys, jonathon here.
Kartik Vashistha
3:22 My god, Mr Evans has got some serious gainzz now :o
I mean it’s actually 3000% times cheaper so if it works it already is more worth it than the actual MacBook
J. S.
Why are there so many Apple haters? You know damn well if someone gifted you a $1700 MacBook you would thank and pray to Buddha for his blessings!
RyanWake bradtelle
I would be super heartbroken if I got a regular MacBook for Christmas
Social / Public Prank
Won Seok Yoo
i just wasted 4 minutes and 26 seconds of my life, it's so pointless and it just seems like the videos you upload when you're out of ideas
why is this in my recommended videos ffs
Camden Moors
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I just got click baited
and so did you.
casey cooper
lol I have a real MacBook Pro the same as the one in this video tbh just as good as the fake one lmao
So this is how mu school gets all of those mac book airs
The details are perfect! Even the hard disassembly process.
V. Sriram Sundar
0:48 “I am actually really surprised for 50 bucks”
0:58 Oh I am not
George Brown
Drops fake Mac
Gets caught

Accidentally drops real Mac
Obviously smashes because my luck is shit
Edward Poon
It is too expensive for a toy MacBook pro😓
TogoDash ツ
The funny thing is, no macbook clone has used hackintosh lol
i love how there's so much "Chicago" in this vid!!
Angie's World
Irfan Fikri
hey Joe, i've seen some showhouse/concept office using that fake MacBook for their showhouse. Ikea also using it for a concept office. ;-)
Tosin Oloke
I wish I had enough money to spend $50 on a computer that doesn't even function 😂
Eshan Seepersaud
I'd turn into a ninja too if my macbook pro fell
Eshan Seepersaud
I'd turn into a ninja too if my macbook pro fell
Please send the. Product link I wanna try it please bro
Tae Tae
It has a headphone jack, therefore it is an inaccurate clone of an apple product
petr sylvar
a good day when you can buy this fake version of the macbook for $ 50
Illy Samartino
Mr "The Flash" is that you?
Fly High
better to know is
can you open the fake macook and use the body for the real macbook
Ranganath M R
actual macbook also costs 50 bucks. but hell yeah apple sells it for 1500 more. greedy mofos
Tavin Turner
I would use this for home staging if anything. Love the videos, keep it up!
Ehm 1 Minute Ads now lol #Youtube 2018!!!!!!
Double cheecked up on a thursday afternoon.
Angie Maldonado Ramirez
$50 fake vs $1500 real... Esto si me interesa xd
Jailan Simon
Why did I automatically think of those buzzfeed videos 😂
Joe Duke
Yes, never catch a bent up Mac, or save a bad hair girl from drowning.
you can call me pati
can u build a laptop in the dummy ?
both of these are crap. Dell XPS 9560 is way better than them.
bilal kara
İf the box good 50dolar is really good
DDD Productions
Put a rapsberry pi in it!
Romaer Ahuja
Hey bro, from where to buy this amazing dummy ?
The new MacBook Pro: We have noooooo port. You have to buy a new MacBook Pro to get a charged Mac!
not using
bait prank
with it
Aadam Iftikhar
Your videos definitely bring my mood up on the worst days, i love your sense of humor. Keep it up.
Shehan Dyonisius
Austin Evans must do a video about his workout plan
Sniper Elite
Wow that is only $50 cool if your a YouTuber and are as broke as I am lol 😂
I even can't buy this dummy 🤣
Anthony Bush
Core 2 duo is still good. Runs my 2010 MacBook without a problem
Leslie Nuñez
You should do a giveaway on these that will be cool 😎
Nassim Gullia
Do a public prank with the fake MacBook
Michelle Borwell
I do theatre shows so I think this would be a great prop if u needed MacBook in a theatre play