Alienware 17 (2017) Review - The Ultimate Gaming Laptop

Dave2D review of the Alienware 17 R4 - The best gaming laptop from Alienware (GTX 1080 + i7-7820HK)
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Dave Lee
If you're hard to the CORE about games, get one with a 120Hz panel. It's a massive difference in visual performance. Thanks for the support as always 2D fam!
I'm a simple man, I see Dave, I slip off my pants.
Barry Chapman
"4 usb ports isn't enough" damn Dave what are you trying to connect to this thing?
watching this after I bought the PC after I watched it 17 times... Does that make sense? let me put it like this:

-Watched the video long time ago
-watched it again
-watched it 15 more times in different times
-Bought the laptop
-watching it again just to see where I began
Aakash Mallik
Time to sell my kidney....
Complains about 32gb ram..... im done, i cba anymore🙁🔫
I love how he low key shows off his skills in overwatch in every vid
Will this computer be capable of running Minesweeper well?
William T
People who are saying this looks like it has too much of a gamer aesthetic but own an Asus with permanent orange accents. ggwp
🤔 13"oled ,15"ips,17"tn!?
Gabriel Umoh
$2400 wow, that's amazing
Kodiak YT
omg complains about 32gb. I quit life
First Name Last Name
> buys alienware 13 r3
> never regrets
Tally Ho Tech
Great 👍 review there champ. Tally ho
Andrian Stefanus
Would this be a great purchase in 2019?
Manav Shah
dude your intros have been insanely dope lately
Jeff Morco
Someday. Someday..
John Trussell
Dave your visuals are the best of any tech reviewer on YouTube. I don't know how you do it man but you deserve more credit. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
I still have no money...
meanwhile im here setting with a alienware 14
Omar Elkashef
FINALLY! I love this laptop and I was planning on buying it and i was waiting for your review!
I have watched tons of tech reviews and some how I always end up on your channel great job in everything keep up the flawless work
Schnauzer God
I just got this for Christmas 🎄
I had one (before I returned it for an actually practical laptop for college)

It was pretty much outstanding in everything but size/weight/paranoia that somebody would steal it.
Sam Fleeton Doyle
Thanks for making this video! In the end I decided to get this and I am really enjoying it so far!
Wario and Waluigi Show
I have the Alienware 17 R4 with the GTX 1080, 16 GB of RAM, Intel i7 7820hk 4.4 GHz, 256 SSD 1 TB, and a 2560 X 1440 TN Panel display with 120Hz inside and I love it. 😀👍🏻
Bassel Masri
Dude love the new 3D effects you're throwing in your videos! and the charts are an amazing touche.
keep it up!
Bagus Prasetyo
Me when Dave upload a new video: let's just watch another expensive laptop that i can't even afford, but i can relate to the video cause Dave's a nice guy.
r7 raj
Hey Dave. Love your work as always. Keep up the good work! :)

On the side note, do you play any MMO's?
dela vago
Dave reminds me of my friend Nicardo: shy, awkward, simple and cute.
Honestly no homo my friend just looks like a shy girl.

Anyway i so love this laptop.
Too bad I'm poor and live in Jamaica
Henry Yang
I've been using this one for months. Great exp overall. Definitely recommend it if you need a gtx1070 laptop. Btw mine has gtx1070 and 4K panel.
Arvind Iyer
Finally managed to buy an alienware 15... Btw anyone wants a kidney?
hossam ashraf
thank you , i have been waiting for this review for a long time :D
Elvis Mbamara
after watching most of your videos and looking forward to more, ive finally subscribed, you earned my trust. good man, original content! keep it up bro :}
Subs, loved it! The animation at the end showing the internal components is fantastic!
Those animations tickle me in all the right places...
Agrim Vashisht
I wonder from where does he get all these laptops.
Absolutely love this thing! Won't even fit in my suitcase so I had to get the 15 instead :P
Ivan fernandez
this in spain is almost unaffordable XD I prefer Aero 15, damn, it's perfect
OMG this laptop is the best laptop I ever laid my hands on... It was displayed in a Dell store nearby me and they had GTA V for testing and benchmarks.
Space Defender
id be in a 2 year debt just to get this laptop :')
Jers N
That laptop animation on the end is spot on. YOu're getting good!
Compara esto con mi pc de la era de piedra :'v
Gilbert Morales
I've been waiting for a good review for this laptop!
Mr Cat
tbh alienware is not that overpriced anymore
Jay Sukumalchan
omen17 is a 75Hz panel XD
Andy NQ
Man, i wish my XPS 15 got that paste quality, i gotta re-paste right after i got the latop, it's really a mess, dangit Dell :(
James Tan
Structured, precise and value adding review Dave!! love your video :)
James Tan
Structured, precise and value adding review Dave!! love your video :)
killer ninja
Dave isn't spinning his laptops anymore :(

Ayaa Queen
I love you Dave<3
Tony Ling
I can't wait to bring this to my next corporate job interview
Shashank Laur
Your Video Editing skills have massively improved. Keep it up!
Don't trust edited comments.
Gareth Prince
Most genuine and down to earth laptop reviewer out, awesome videos, convinced me to purchase my current laptop
Dave, your videos are always informative and very professional. Great work, man! Keep it up!
Dr Peter jones
tobii eye tracking great for the blind or visually impaired...its heavy due to the large battery....guess they need to lighten it and reduce the price whilst offering paid options.
this to me is a sub 1000 dollar laptop bracket.
Got an Alienware 15 r2. Amazing value for money for a gaming laptop. Love it.
Really like your new intro!!
Qaiyum Noraizan
wake up this morning and see dave's youtube notification.. im like yesss! aw17!
1:47 i though u r pressing the box
Terry Taing
A++ Dave! I have this laptop :D
0 0
Hey, I’m looking at this laptop and is it good for school?
Andrei Avila
Hey Dave2d can you make a review of Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 5th Gen, I want ur opinion about the build quality and keyboard
Arul Mani
Perfect analysis by Dave. One thing I would appreciate from Dell is to make the Tobii Tech optional. Not Everyone wants to go for eye tracking .
Thank you for making this video. I was looking for a great gaming laptop and this is the one thanks to you.
Patrik Dimitrov
Can run Tetris on lowest settings at 15 fps
Victor PH
Should i pay my bills on water or should i buy this?

Edit : i haven't showered for a week worth it to play roblox on 300 fps
Nadia B.
Begging my mom for this!!
Arshad Riyaz
that exploded animation <3
Don't Touch My Loli
Thanks for Vietsub <3
Travis Ray
Big fan of the new blueprint transition. As always, wonderful video. Thanks!
RuspyCatTV's TVGaming
I could buy it. But there would be barely anything else in my bank 😂
madz heussaf
hi Dave! can u make a review on the Asus ROG FX553 laptop that was recently released few months ago? they say price's worth it.. just sayin'
The phenome
Hey dave
Can you please do a review on the Dell inspiron 15 5559?
I am planing to buy the laptop for my coming college years but can't find a proper review abouy it. I'd really apreciate it
Patrick Wang
When you see a new video from Dave, but you're out of lotion...
abhay sirohi
Hi Dave I love your videos,
you are amazingly good in your work,
I m from India and I want to know that how can I buy this gaming beast in India so please tell me.
thank you.
Cyril YU
Wow that overwatch part at 3:10, is that you that was playing? Thats awsome
Hi dave how are you doing
Frankie Valentine
Hey Dave, can we get an office tour? Would love to see your working space.
Rahul Balasundaram
Finally! Thank you Dav, I've been waiting for the AW17 review since you made the 13&15' units 6 months ago. It was helpful that you addressed the TN panel over IPS. It was my biggest dilemma about getting this laptop, whether to choose QHD over UHD or TN over IPS or 120Hz w/ GSync vs 60Hz also 400nits vs 300nits though this isn't a big difference as they are mostly used indoors. It would have been awesome if you have gone over these features too for us specsheet nerds. Because choosing the screen is still holding me back, there's no good video showing the difference between the two panels. Great work with video Dav! I kinda wished it wouldn't end so quick..
Nirbhay Worlikar
Dave Lee ... Dude your videos are awesome! mostly likely the animations.
Guys hit like if you feel his channel deserves around million subs.
hamza a
Hey dave lee im a big fan of your videos its so crispy so good and so informing and also its relaxing good choice of music and lighting keep up the good work
Accused Boo
notification squad!
Midhun KG
Hi Dave,
can you do a review on the Asus fx553vd laptop
Hamed Hassan
I like how you explain everything, please keep this up.
Vai Rostampour
That new wire frame 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Gregory Solarte
Love the new animations. Keep up the good work.
Prakhar Gupta
love your videos. specially the end graphics hardware overview..
Viraj Mathur
is it just me or this video started off real quick? like, "really" quick.
Adrian Kasa
I have this and I am loving this piece of awesome rig
Mahmood Muhenned
Thank u very much for this
Mine will come after one week
after seeing this video about 20 times, then linus' video 20 times, i got this very same model. now, after i got it, ive watched the video again another 20 times xD
kam hagh
tns are underated. I have an xl2730z and the panel looks amazing!
Kris Ivanov
THIS is on the same price point as the 15' MBP? Wow..
Hussam Tayel
Dave, this or the Razer Blade?
Aaron Johnson
Why do you always link to Amazon for Dell laptops? The cheapest place to buy a Dell is usually from the Dell website itself.
pratham vk
Damn what a nice review man!! This guy is so underrated!!
icecube 1
I see Dave Lee, I check my wallet
nidhi gupta
how good is this for design work ? the laptop needs to work smooth with heavy files and softwares like adobe - illustrator, photoshop, cinema 4d ,etc?