2016 HP Spectre Review - Is This Laptop TOO Thin?!

Dave2D review of the HP Spectre - The Thinnest Laptop in the World!

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A comprehensive review covering build quality, internal hardware, screen, keyboard, trackpad. With gaming and temperature performance tests.

Is this the best thin and light ultrabook? Is it too thin? How does it perform? How hot does it get? Watch and find out!

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I need a laptop for posting on tumblr from starbucks is this expensive enough?
No Dave, I can't accept you having such beautifully made videos and having so few subscribers. This is a problem.
Osafa I.
All specs aside, this is by far the sexiest laptop ever built and wipes with floor with Macbooks in terms of aesthetics.
Immanuel Uy
Got damn it, dave. I've been finding myself saying, "thumbs if you like it, subs if you love it," randomly....
Liam Gratehouse
Your voice is strangely soothing
Jedi Spider
wish I could afford these things. I like technology but I don't know why I look at reviews if I can't afford any of them.
The background music is so damn sensual, David! Dope review as usual.
Marven Wilson S Donque
can you please review my life?
your videos are so buttery smooth. subscribed.
Ron Ulitsky
I spy
With my little eye
A Razer Core
I am dying to try
Kevo Morider
"uhm yeah a cool laptop for my school"

".. 1100$..."

Rohan G. Nair
James Bond's new laptop
5 hrs of battery life.

Amazing review as always Dave n_n
I actually fell in love with the old Spectre which had this exact same color scheme. It felt super premium in the hand and to the eye.
The price though, at least in my country, was very steep for the specs it was offering. RM5999 in Malaysia, with that money I could get a used Nissan and have change to spare 😅
Anyways, look forward to seeing more of your videos in my sub box, cheers ^^
Jerry N.
Omg like two days ago I was reading articles about this laptop and I thought "I wonder when Dave is gonna post a review about it"
rasheed sobo
This is like the equivalent of a prime warframe a prime spectre
I hate HP because of the timespan of their Laptops don't last long.
But GOD DAM this is one of the most sexiest laptops I ever laid my eyes on, good work.
Calvin Chan
I just keep watching When He starts speaking 😂
Chandra Kanth
Dave you are one of the best "best best" Tech Reviewer on Youtube... Bang on to the point and u tell us everything we want to know, the pros and the cons. Keep up the good job man..!!!
The only pity is that u have got fewer subscribers than others like LTT or UBT, but that isn't stopping you.. Great job man (Now that i will buy this laptop).. Thanks for the review..!! #AwesomeDave
Hey, this guy ain't so bad at reviews...you've earned a subscriber!
I don’t see how some laptops can hold a GTX 1050 Ti’s+
Great review, I always feel like I'm in a sushi lounge when I watch your reviews lol.

Battery life is a deal killer IMO. What's the point of being thin if it sacrifices battery life? You'll end up needing to bring the charger with you every time and that defeats the purpose of being thing and ultraportable. From MTR's review the charger also has like 10 feet of cord which is just ridiculous, it's like having a birds nest in your bag. It's also sacrificing features by being so thin too. No touch screen and a low rez display. I imagine if it had a QHD touch screen display you'd get like 3-4 hours battery life. You can get a non-touch FHD Dell XPS which is shorter in length and width and has 8-10 hours of battery life. You could also step up to the QHD XPS 13 that has a high rez touch screen display, Iris graphics and has the same battery life (~5-6 hours) as this HP Spectre. Being smaller in length and width also makes it extremely portable as well and it doesn't have a ridiculous charger cord.

IMO, the HP Spectre makes way too many sacrifices to claiming the "thinnest" ultrabook title.
Omar Aguirre García
OMG!! you have the core, my blade stealth is waiting for your opinion.
A customer came in my store asking for help with it and I never saw something so thin before. And the next day this is in my recommended lol
Jonathan Adami
Just discovered your channel, I reckon you've got the best reviews out there! Thorough, and really well presented!! I wish you had one for the Pixel C :)

Keep it up mate!
Stanley Guzman
wow this channel got really big. i remember when this channel had a little over 20,000. good job!
Hi, Dave. Could you tell me how to make those amazing animations at the end of your review? Thank you.
Zeyad AlAamer
Hey Dave, I'm going to uni the autumn, do you recommend getting a laptop now from one of those 3, or wait until then?
Sasuke UchihaxD
I always like your vids they r entertaining and i also love the editing like at the end with the blue backround and the white stripes that changed to other stuff. U deserve more Attetntion in my opinion.
Hey, Apple, take notes. This thing has more than ONE usb type c port.

EDIT (which means read this so you don't look like an idiot when replying something stupid): I know the new Macbook "Pro" came out and seems to have fixed most if not all of the problems the Macbook has. I know it has more USB C ports, a really really good screen, a touch bar, etc.
I appreciate Apple fixing these problems but when you really think about it, the "Pro" branding shouldn't be there. Apple took away what a "Pro" user would need like an SD card slot, bigger SSD storage (yes I know SSD's are expensive but for what Apple is worth and how expensive the computer is, Apple isn't going to lose much by adding removing the 250 GB SSD option) and 8 GB of ram stock for a "Pro" machine.
Weslie Villejo
First time to watch your content and I'm amazed by the quality. You got one sub bro. Keep this up! :)
Vicente George
Great vid as usual Dave! Loving the new hp logo... i'm mot a big fan of "prone to accident" things so i'll not go fot this one lol but great device anyway
Nissan Karki
THE CORE!!!! YES!!!! Finally, we'll get a review. Cant wait Dave! :D
How effective is this laptop, when editing photos for long periods of time?. I recently got one for college, but I want to do some editing to, as I like photography.
I could throw on a playlist of his reviews and use it as a sleep aid, these videos are so calming!!
thank you so much for this review, it helped me look past the looks and realize it doesn't have the power for what i wouldve used it for
I love the design language but it's so sad to see HP compromise performance. I wish they would have focused a little more on functionality / performance even if it came at the cost of some added thickness. At their pricepoint, it would have been a real winner...
TBM Life
The name "Spectre" reminds of a James Bond with a song Sam smith wrote for it.Anybody else ;).
Amin Rafiq
I bought this laptop about nine days ago. So far, it's been amazing! I really love the portability. I have a Lenovo Flex 3 15.6", which I also love, but I wanted to take a crack at something more portable.
Talha R
Always wanted to see this laptop's review from you! :-P Well I love the premium design! <3
The summary that you add at the end of your reviews are amazing. Really set you apart from the rest. Good job and keep up the good work.
great reviews once again dave, I bought a blade stealth because of your high-quality videos as well :). Looking forward to see your core review!!

p.s. watching all your vids @ 1440p through my stealth! haha
Masabbin Jaber
Dave could you do a review of HP pavilion 14 and also show the internals.
Ivo Sotirov
Are we going to ignore the fact that that was some impressive Photoshop drawing skills!
Dave was that yours?
John Rave
Man!! I like the design but....😭😭😭😭😭 I can't afford it!!! It's so expensive..Guys, what do you think is some great laptop for school?? suggestions??
Daniel Tojcic
Love the design of this laptop but I want a fully featured spec sheet for power user capability, and an Ethernet port built in
I spotted the "Razer Core" , Waiting for that review !!
Patrick suck Zquidword nozel
Dude I really love your music intro it’s so relaxing
Such a tease Dave, showing off the Core without having the review up!! Killing us!
Thank you very much for your comprehensive review, I was looking more into Cons of the laptop but couldn't find much elsewhere, cons are much more important than pros which are obvious!

Deciding between this ,R̶a̶z̶e̶r̶b̶l̶a̶d̶e̶ ̶S̶t̶e̶a̶l̶t̶h̶ and Razerblade 2016 for website developing, photoshop and mobility presentation purposes.
Christopher Smith
Awesome review; the best I've seen yet for this device.
vincent barcelona
3:06 tho! eeeyaaa!!!!
Vishwajeet Patil
Hey Brother!!!
I'm a civil engineer & I want t buy a powerful laptop at about $1000. So should i go for Acer Predator 300. Or is there a better laptop other than this one!?!?
Luke Taylor
Hmmm... gotta say I'm still feeling the XPS over this, but this does have some nice touches (3 USB C ports!) that I appreciate.
wow i'm most impressed that dave was on fire playing widowmaker in overwatch
Jai Patel
yo, I love this guy's video there so great!!
Jonathan Nguyen
Hey Dave will you being doing an updated review of the Lenovo Yoga 710? Love your videos, keep it up! : )
Angel Wambui
I watched this guy for literally one second and I subscribed
Thats how good he is
gorgeous review as always! I was curious about this one so thanks!
Iqbal Amanullah
please review the razer core asap !
Music's bass is overamplified. Ouch >.<
Also the few-seconds-long sample repeating over and over again is quite noticeable.
Janice S
Hey thanks for your amazing review, what would you recommend for design/architecture students? I've done a lot of research and most would recommend the asus zenbook pro, do you have any other recommendations? Thanks!
Roger López
Dude, you look like you're always happy haha

btw, great videos! Amazing quality and reviews.
Dude, just amazing production as usual. Thanks so much for working so hard on these reviews. Cheers!
New subscriber here :) I’ve been thinking about getting this model for a while and this video was helpful
Rafi Seraf
did i just watch him chop an onion in half during a laptop review
Debangsu Sarkar
The logo!!😍😍
Ruhul Amin Shuzon
Thank you very much Lee for this wonderful review. Can you make a hp spectre vs Macbook review? Which is better in terms of battery, built quality, usability and software running capability. Thanks in advance . :) :)
Brian Westfield
Amazing quality review. Really clear explanations and comparisons. Especially love the mocha and after effects. Sub'd!
Chris Z
First video I've ever watched from your channel, amazing. You deserve way more subs!
1:56 realise that trackpad tiny as hell
really good vids man, enjoying every one and I'm a new subscriber! can't wait for a video about razer core;)
Aaron KJ
Ports on the back of a laptop should be a sin in this day and age.
Antonio Byrd
Dave, where'd you get that shirt? I want it! Also, sweet review. 😎
Benjamin Scherer
I saw someone in his Overwatch game that I've played against before... lol
Tomas Prevendar
man its so good to sleep with your videos :D it puts me into dream every time even now at 13:30! :D lol i will rather continue in the night because am at work! :D and for background work its good too! but you have to stand up! to not to fall asleep, the music ambient and the voice is all the time same low level , you could put some life in the vids , really , peace
Phillycheezz fpv
I appropriate this review! I have been seriously considering this laptop. I love the idea of a full intel chip in such a thin notebook but id be doing video edits so i might go with the xps. Which would you prefer?
really nice review bud. I love how you organized the video and highlighted all the key features nicely and It flowed really well.
dhruv gupta
hey Dave. just wanted to ask how u do the animation at the end of the video! that looks pretty cool.
As always good review. I enjoy your work and your professionalism for a "Smaller" channel is superb. Far exceeding the quality of much bigger channels. Thanks for the quality videos broseph.
Every video I see from you, your sub count goes up by 10k. You're growing like crazy! Keep it up.
Luís Rabelo
I just LOVE your voice... it just makes me calm haha
Eldo Jacob
Dave this review just made my day. Great work bro:). And That HP logo looks sexy as me..lol :D
Jers N
I've been waiting for this!
Kayle Lang
Wait, you have the Razer Core with you? I eagerly wait for its review.
I might get this just for working on my programming skills.
you deserve 10million subs
Vernon Banal
Hiya! First of all, another GREAT vid Dave! Really impressed by the great quality vids you make regularly :)
Now I just want to know, which one of the two is better:

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 or Asus ROG Gl552JX?

Id really appreciate a reply :)
Bashayer Bader
do you recommend it for programming purposes ?

keep it up! <3
Harry Helm
Im a student. I need a new laptop since my previous asus laptop have drowned in water and its 100% damaged 💔. Im not a hardcore user I use it for study,movies,Skype, maybe a gaming and video editing.
Sunny Shukla
I whistled, after looking at this. That thing is beautiful.
Aldwin Cabuyao
love ur review's/videos
what laptop do you recommend for video (4k) editing?
tnx in advance...
Ellis The DJ
I did not know all USB was charging port you learned me something new
Keep up the awesome vids :D
Aaron Taylor
I discovered your channel 2 days ago, and I love your videos! I am looking for a new laptop and had been going back and forth between the spectre and the xps 13, and you made my decision a lot easier!
David Datura
One of the best reviews I've seen of this machine.You say it like it is...the good and the bad.
Felix Wong
I absolutely LOVE this color scheme. HP should do more of it, maybe with a beefier specs while they're at it.
M Jay
I bought one of these for the wife... loves it.
Ai Bob
Great review! The B&O branding is the same bullshit hp used in the past with harman etc great brands ruining their names... it's a shame...