Razer Blade Pro Review (GTX 1080) - The Best Laptop for Pros?

Dave2D review of the THINNEST laptop with a GTX 1080 - Razer Blade Pro. Covering build quality, internal hardware, gaming and video editing performance.
Razer Blade Pro -
Keyboard -
Laptop Bag -

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Nice mouse mat 👀
3:43 is sooo satisfying it absolutely blends in!
why would you even buy the Macbook Pro?! i need answers
Pushkaraj Bhor
Most savage video by DAVE
1) "custom PC for like ..... 7$ ....I get it custom PCs are great"
2) Macbook mouse mat
2:30 best use of mac. :D
2:30 LOL using a MacBook as a mouse pad. Savage!
Hao Wei Li
buy a 4000$ laptop to play csgo at 10000 fps
me: dad, can i get a macbook?
dad: no, you already have a razer pro
me: yes, i know, but i need a mousepad
Dick Williams
I could build an equivalent pc for like $7
The laptop bag is freaking 300$, I can get a razer mouse and keyboard and headset and a simple bag for my omen and still save 150$.....
Arpit Bharti
"For like 7 dollars."
James M
Was he.. using a $3000 MacBook for a.. MOUSEPAD????? 2:29
LMAO using a MacBook as a mousepad.
this guy is so Rich that he uses a Macbook for a mouse pad. Savage 😅
87 Days
You know he's rich when he used a MacBook as a mouse pad...
Julius Caesar
he said lets focus on the laptop...*everyone talks about macbook mousepad*
Ninja GameZ
Comment Status
99.8% Talking About a Nice Mousepad
00.1% Actual comments about the Device
Don't say I didn't warn you
Most people are saying that he's using a MacBook as mouse pad at 2:32 but the first thing I notice is the fact that he's playing Torb
Srikumar Sastry
Macbook put to good use @2:29
2:30 wow your mousepad is so expensive :\
Dave Lee
The Razer Blade Pro is ridiculously powerful but it's still a pretty thin device. It's awesome.
He is actually gaming on a macbook :vv
chris dias
I wish razer would remove one '0' from this laptop price.
CJ The Siege
if only everyone had 3700 bucks to drop on a laptop.............
idkwuisp 76
Tbh i love the Macbook Pro. Definetly one of my favorite mouse pads.
that laptop is more expensive than my first car....
Aryan Batheja
Generic comment having 2:30 in it
"I'm using a Macintosh myself" LOL
These are FIRE on ebay right now, just got one for $2.5k
everyone who watched this video give me 1 cent
or 1 pence
2:35 Thats how u game on a macbook
Eric Strunk
I can build an equivalent PC for $7
Edem Boi
We finally found a more expensive mouse mat than a razer mouse mat
Finally somebody using the mac correctly
Mike Antimano
is ti still worth it in 2019?
Retarded Communist
I wanna sell my own son and buy this laptop.
Simeon Lyts
Use MacBook as Mousepad... Goodbye, cruel world
Quite a big hit at the price comes from 2TB of PCIe storage.
Montage Masters
"...The track-pad is on the right..."
Righties- HELL YEAH!
Lefties-F××× this!
I was considering buying it, than he said how expensive it was and I was like
"Oh, Shit"
2:30 best use for Apple product.
Ryan S
really love those device blueprints that you create for most of ur laptop videos! keep up the good work. Honest been watching your videos when looking at buying a new laptop.
If you want 4K with a 1080, don't expect a decent price especially if it's in a laptop. You paying a hell of a lot more just because it's in a laptop. But considering it's a 4K and a 1080 it's definitely worth it if you plan on really gaming. 1080 will cover you for any game.
doğancan öztürk
bad news for left handeds
Chris P.
$3700, I was enjoying this video
this is sad

I'm sad
If you are wondering you can buy that mousepad at apple.com
2:28 Lol love the detail that your using a mac book as a mouse pad xD Show them who's boss xD
“Whats urs mousepad?”
2:33 this explains that apple can use in gaming. thumbs up for this
emin m
When you're rich enough to use a MacBook for a mouse pad
al cv
2:30 boys, the proof that you can actually game with a mac.
Steph w
why oh why cant there be a numpad on this 17 incher? and i heard there are problems with the keyboard too....so hope they fix this in the refresh....i badly want to pick the razer instead of dell precision 7720....but....that one is good too
Senk Ju
2:33 That moment when someone can afford to use a MacBook as a moue mat..
Best intro I've seen so far

sadly when I have money cause ai just used my 2000$ on a Beasty PC
Gigibus gigibus
When u are so rich and u use a apple mac book pro for mouse mat xD
Daniel Navarro
“maybe cause it’s thicker”THICC
Some Dude
2:30 oh so that's how you game on a mac! how did I never think of that before?!
Andrew Choe
1:26 kewl magic trick man!
"I get gaming PC's, I have a hackintoshi right there"
Flaming Gorilla
This man knows how to use a mac 2:34
When he was talking about situational awareness and volume and stuff, for sure he was talking about Rainbow Six Siege but then, I saw Overwatch
Gluk плюс
клава хорошая. не то что механика скрипит!
sewar verdascko
hi dave :) can i have ur opinion about buying one in 2019 i mean is it still worth it in 2019? i found one for around 2500 euro witch is about 2860 dollar
Evan Dycke
I love how you where useing you mac as a mouse pad
Brandon Casey
Lol using the Mac Book Pro as a mouse pad :)
2:35 "I still get owned anyway" -kills the enemy roadhog-
hey dave i really love that laptop can you send it to me fam really loving it.
MG I'm buying this it has fidget spines on the back
Joey Diaz
"im running a hackintosh" gtfo
2:31 The best definition of gaming on a mac
i can build and equivalent pc for like $7 >.>
Dan Man
Wow so amazing, using a mac for a mousepad. Mind blowing. Savage.
- most of the pathetic comments below.
The Meme
Buy this laptop and play minecraft it is like pocket edition
sergeant sperm
I love how you used the macbook as a mousepad in that clip :D
Leonhard Euler
2:30 And that's how to use a Mac for Gaming!! hhhhh!!!
Abhinav Kara
2:33 that is how u can "game on a Mac" B-)
David McNeice
Lol first thing I thought was that was an overpriced mousepad!
Bhopesh Sharma
Above all, Dave Lee is the cutest YouTube I have ever seen 😍 love you bro. Your smile is really so lovely
Tech Incorporated
How can you game on a MacBook??

Use it as a mousepad for gaming.
James T
I need this in my life. Great review!
Main menu
2019 tech is better you guys should time travel to 2019 :D. Anyway great review!!!
Giovanni Ferrari
2:35 that's exactly how everyone should use MacBooks
Prince Virginia
Just imagine actually HAVING this laptop... Damn..
Veso Arts
2:30 Gaming on a Mac 😂
Paritosh Gupta
how to use MacBook for gaming..
just look at 2:32
Doctor Sad
how am I gonna use my left hand when I jack off for scrolling?

Definitely not buying this
2:30 When you are on a budget and can't afford a mouse pad
L. Willis
The should advertise it with: "The laptop that hates lefthanded people: Razer Blade Pro"
Great review. The video was smooth, your presentation was very well done and easy to follow.

I have an Alienware and thought that was the best... ;-)
Kurt Christian Ocampo
These are my types of videos. Straight minimal, and straight forward. Keep up the crispiness! (Blue is great btw.)
Minh Quach
He was gaming "on" a mac 🤣🤣🤣
Tommy Berger
2:30 that my friend, is a prime example of a first world country.
Chad Pangilinan
2:33 who said y'all can't play heavy games on MacBook?😂
Jeffrey Lin
The day I got this is the day my omen gaming laptop gets tossed out the window
The Analytical Menace
So, I'm a little confused. In your review, you mention that this is a 17" device. However, the listing on Amazon says it's a 14". Am I missing something here?
Bruce Lee
1:26 got me the first time
Iono Sama
good god, they managed to squeeze in a 1080 into that chassis?

what's next... SLI'd Titan X into a netbook size?
2:37 wait did you just hook first...