Apple MacBook Pro 15" (Touch Bar): Unboxing & Review

In-depth unboxing and review of the New 2016 MacBook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar and Touch ID.

Specs As Tested: $3,099
CPU: Core i7 Quad-Core 2.9Ghz
GPU: Radeon Pro 460 with 4GB memory
RAM: 16GB 2133MHz memory
Storage: 512GB PCIe-based SSD


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Grant Harper
At least it has a headphone jack
WTD Productions
am i the only one that was amazed when he dragged the touchbar settings from screen down to the bar? 😂 idk why but that was cool
Junior Shepherd
That touchpad can double as a breakfast tray.
Damien Cook
Disappointing for the price tag. I'll probably just wait until an OCD fanboy scratches theirs and puts it on eBay.
will it charge faster if you plug in more than one power ac ? lol
Jon Rettinger
This video is 🔥🔥. Great job.
John Moore
No USB ports? No backlit Apple logo? I think I'll keep my MacBook Air for a few more years. Although the touch bar and Touch ID look fucking awesome
That trackpad just screams for compatibility with the apple pencil. Huge missed opportunity by Apple.
Does the touch bar work on porn hub? I'm asking for a , "friend"
Colin Fury
Love your vids! First youtuber I've found that's from my state!
walter moss
Jeers new 15 inch Apple laptop 💻
Hey mike , there's this guy stealing your videos His channel is Asus Deluxe. Just a heads up.
pt spiker
You can just press, hold and slide to change volume or brightness. No need to navigate through two layers.
Nasser Al azmi
Short Name: MacBook Pro
Long Name:Macintosh Book Professional
The only way the MagSafe disconnected was if someone stepped in and pulled it, otherwise that never happened.

The more I watch videos, the more I think the touchbar is an uncomfortable useless piece of junk....definitely not worthy the effin' amount of money Apple is asking for it. 🙄😑
Can't you adjust the volume by pressing the function keys?
Rationalist Faith
Moved away from Macbooks. For half the price, I get 15 more powerful laptop, and I can run a virtualized MacOS. Win!
Rah Zills
Matheus Serra
Finally the First unbox MacBook pro 15"
Son V.
Should do a Airpods unboxing and review!
Caleb Reed
watched this on the new MacBook Pro (15 in) and tried the new features as I watched lol. great review love this computer 💻
Michael's Life
I wanna buy this but i can't afford it😢
Kyle Drew
Why is every video that has to do with the touch bar in 4K?
As always best in the class Review Mike. Very helpful.
Can you play Witcher 3 on this one (w Radeon pro 460).
deepak thohan
Great Video, amazing review as always.. Good job
Thank you so much for making such a thorough video!! This helped a lot 🙌🏻
Ken Purchase
Hi,excellent review,best one out there thanks,I'm also looking at getting the 4 GB pro 460 graphics upgrade and want to know will it make a noticeable difference to playing light games please,is it going to be equivalent to say the the GTX 965 in say the DELL XPS AND SOME OTHERE LIGHT / gaming laptops? I'm thinking this and the 526 SSD upgrade option on the 2.6 ghz model as the best value for money?
Isaac Joels
Well, time for me to get a job
Beau Manning
Really found your review helpful. I'm considering getting the 15". Thanks!
Blah Cga
4:50 Don't look if you have tryptophobia!
damn it, dear apple please release a MBP 2018 with full sized keyboard!
Mason K
WOW! A Touch bar on a laptop? What an innovation!! Only slightly over 3,000 dollars!? What a bargain!
Cameron White
I just ordered mine today. It's new, so this gave me an idea of what I'm looking forward to... It's actually a new format altogether...😳
Sudheesh G
next MacBook will HV a full touch keyboard
Infrequent Traveler
Fantastic review and unboxing of the new 15 inch MacBook Pro Detroitborg. Keep up the good work. 😊
Norman Sigurðsson
Man... Apple did it again.
A beautiful useless thing.
WHAAATTT they got rid of the Mac Boot up sound? One of the more iconic and eargasmic sounds in computing history?!
Xeonitus Prime
Never been a fan of magsafe? Like the best feature of the macs. This whole review feels biased and as though you don't want to upset apple by calling them out on a number of things.
Consumer reports officially gave the new MacBook Pro an F rating and don't recommend
Djdannydan 125
Can I have your old computer
Justin Bai
Great video as always.

I would just recommend getting a used macboook pro from 2013 or something.
George Washington
The touch bar is a joke. everything is so small to see why would you take your eyes off the screen and look at the keyboard when you can do it all in the app with out glancing.
Iris Zhao
It's my birthday soon and I'm planning to get a MacBook which one should I get in still in school I have a lot of projects and my old laptop is not functional Help???? But I also like to play games fyi
sid crew
I had buyed 13 inch the best macbook yet just loved it
j x
Amazing quality video. You should have more subs.
hey there
Cool , but can it run Cryisis?
Kaylee's Passion for Fashion
Your videos are very very helpful for me
Gamer Girll2257
fire!!! I love everything about it 🔥
Jan Tißler
It might have been mentioned in the comments already: You don't have to expand the strip to bring up the slider for volume or brightness. Keep your finger on the virtual button, then slide left or right. Haven't used it myself. But that's how I've seen it in other videos.
Erik Smith
Finally, a proper and thorough review!! Thank you and job well done.
I first thought the touch bar was not that usefull, but it has some really cool features.
Johan t'Sas
I want it but gonna wait for the 2017 version. Im now typing on the late 2013 and it still work.
prankster gangster
i wish apple make an touch brick
They even removed the Apple boot up sound? Jesus Apple it's like you want people to not like you anymore...
Nah. I'll stick with my 2015 MBP.
4:19 - 4:52 THANKYOU!!!! Have been looking for that info everywhere!
*TLDW:* Save yo money. Save yo the confusion. And get yourself a refurbished 2015 Macbook Pro.
Amrita Giri
I want apple MacBook Pro 15 inch sliver
Just watch his Surface studio video and see this you see his bias. Lost all respect and credibility
Puppet Master
I'm buying this friday
Benjamin Cohen
This is extremely well crafted and edited, thank you for the information.
WITCHER GeraltOfRivia
I luv it probably mine one will arrive in 2days
Metin Tutuman
Do microsoft laptop 2017 review
Groozer Tech
Thanks for the review DetriotBORG.
Change Goseiger
You are one of my favorite youtubers DetroitBORG . but can you please make a playlist for all the
apple videos you have made?
Mehedi Hasan
Awesome and constructive review. Thank you @DetroidBORG
DJI Mavic unboxing and review?
John Glenn
Informative guy and Handsome!
Marwan Aziz
You're speaking so fast I can't hear what you say and read the CC 😂😂
Walter Kingstone
When changing the volume or brightness on the touch bar, you can hold down your finger on the volume button, and it will expand automatically. Then without taking your finger off, you can slide up and down to change the volume or brightness.
Sourav Dey
Awesome!!!!! Already in love with MacBook Pro 15" 😍♥️
Glad I chose to get a Dell XPS instead of waiting for this....
Joshua Bodin
I just posted a MacBook Pro 2017 unboxing! Check it out
Can I have your old MacBook Pro?
Also, Apple should have brought the iPhone 7 with USB-C port not with lightning!!!
Ruwan Lokubalasooriya
Best tech reviews on planet. I'm really waiting to see a in-depth comparison of the new 13" vs 15" modals.
Luca pokorna
Mike, what are the odds of Apple introducing the following components in the 2017 MacBook Pro:

1. 4K resolution display
2. Bluetooth 5
3. 802.11ad Wi-Fi
4. 32GB DDR4 RAM
5. Improved front facing camera
6. Black color
Grady Gaugler
Hey Mike, thanks for the always great videos. I think they're the best online. Just a couple of things I think you'd like to know: first for the touch bar you complained about how you have to tap to access traditional controls. Well you don't have to have that layer. You can just tap and hold and immediately slide. Then it will go back shortly after you let go. Also you said 103% graphic improvement. Apple only claims that for the 13 inch model. They say 50% for the 15 inch.
Thanks again!
Your review has been overwhelmingly favorable vs others. Maybe because you maxed specs?
my 15 inch MacBook pro retina 2012 model gets about 11000 on geek bench

its over 3 years old!! the fact that's not much more on the new one shocks me

in comparison my Mac Pro tests 22000 on geekbench lol.
Random Jane
it gets me so refreshed to watch this perfection of a laptop
great review
Erald M.
The OLED strip looks very pixelated. Is it even a retina OLED screen?
Jon Vlogs
At 4:27 in captions haaa look
Your reviews are always pleasant to watch. Great cinematography and succinct, organized narration that isn't loud and boisterous.
Rodrigo M
Hi, thanks for the video, the screen that you have is the ACD or the Thunderbolt? Can you connect the MBP 2016 to it?

Thanks in advance
Leon Jacobs
Right than habit model blanket Russian apparently any extraordinary.
Great review! Didn't feel like 12 minutes at all!
I've never used a Macbook Pro but I'm curious to try it out. How do you stack it up with current high end Windows 10 laptops?
Abhishek Zambre
How does it reacts if we connect 4 power adapter cable in all 4 ports?
Devon Corcoran
still using my maxed out late 2011 MBP, definitely upgrading to this despite the I/O restrictions
Ezra Hamilton
Great review! Told me everything I wanted to know about the device. Thanks!
Omar Moharram
DetroitBORG Would you be interested in selling it sometime in the near future?
ferdinand he
GPU RX pro 460 it's a really low gpu
Talk ID
I prefer buy this pro model when 2019/2020 version is out
Gaza Gxrl \x/
I get the chills when Mike uploads.
Chris Wheeler
can you do a comparison of the chromebook pixel 2 vs the new macbook pro 15 inch
Nachiket Padwal
Hey Mike, I din't saw you the YouTube review 2016.....

I was thinking y'll be there..
I can live with port evolution. I like that each one covers such a range of functionally. I'd sell my backup drive and get a USBc one and for my DSLR I'd just buy a small SD Card adapter for those accessions I need to sync. What I don't like however is the excessive starting price of all the new machines.