HP Pavilion x360 Laptop | 2017 Edition | 14-ba075TX | Review

This video contains the complete unboxing and hands on review for HP x360 convert-able gaming and touch laptop (Model : 14-ba075TX). This video also contains the Gaming and Active Touch Pen Review.

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Laptop Configuration :-

Processor : Core i3 7th Gen (2.4 GHz)
HDD : 1TB (Hybrid Hardisk - SSD+HDD)
Graphics : 2GB Nvidia Gefore 940MX
Display : 1080P Full HD with Touch
Battery : 3 Cell (4-5 Hours Backup)
WebCam : 1MP
Active Stylus (Pen) : Yes, free with this laptop.

Games Dragon Link :
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Mubeen Inamdar
Says "there is no lag"
Captures lag at the very exact moment
Lmao lol
warak anda
Really really awesome.. appreciated your clear and precise review, you had done better than others by focussing only on the device, not focus on your face like most others. It's short and sharp presentation. Keep it up. Tq bro.
Rachit Khandelwal
Does Stylus work in photoshop ,
i can use crop and cut toll in photoshop with stylus.
Parikshit Singh
best review of any laptop I have seen on youtube till now....amazing.
Keep the good work 🙏
Tansen Ahmed
You are great artist 😂
Amit World
So detail review keep the good work
Dilshad Ktkl
Your video has an exeptional audio quality..great work 👍
llk koi
OMG I watched many reviews on this laptop and it didnt beat another laptop i wanted to buy BUT THIS VIDEO DID IT MADE THIS MY TOP CHOICE, TYSM FOR THIS YOUR AWESOME and i just wanna ask does it have the Play Store with all those millions of apps the same as on my Samsung Galaxy S6??? Thank you love youuu 💜❣💙
universe captain
You have local😂😂 i am much better then you
Paddy Geiger
I thought about buying it.. Your review convinced me! :D
Subscribing your channel
Because I like your review
Your are the best reviewer
Purnima Parasher
Please do a comparison between this HP x360 and Lenovo Yoga 520? I'm a graphic design graduate and really confused. If you could suggest something?🙊
Clan Cousins
I got one today but 5i intel core and im just looking at it now cuz tomorrow im gonna open it and im now gonna sleep
Is this dual storage?
MarkIt TV
I bought this laptop last month, so far I am enjoying it!
Lal John
1:35 stylish looks really good
Mandip sharma
On screen keyboard is available,
When using as I pad.
Manoj Chandu
which is best
hp x360 14-cd0087tu vs 14-cd0051tx vs 14-cd0053tx
Vishal Saxena
This Vs Lenovo yoga 510 in same price bracket
Vartika Bansal
the flickering of screen because of nvidia and intel graphics drivers clashing uninstall intel driver to fix it.
v p
Can we use it for video editing and programmimg?
Mamta Rawat
Sir best video.but i lost dis pen.can i gt dis frm hp store??price
Suvadeep Mondal
Your review was very good and informative .. probably the best review I've seen for the hp x360
Chetan Solanki
hp pavilion 14 bp045tx cn u tel information of this laptop
Waqaskhan Ishrat
Bro u r awsome perfect review ❤😊
Is the laptop still doing good?
Neo TheOne
Great review bud, thanks for that! :)
Andres Doblemente
the model of pen is ACTIVE STYLUS?? where can i buy one??
Santu Dey
i want to buy a laptop 45k-53k...what should i buy?
Kevin Lindner
Can i play Overwatch with this Convertible? Thx for Answers!! and nice Review, that it was i search! good work
Dose this have palm rejection so when drawing I can easily draw with out the page moving and is this a fully working laptop but 2-1
This was the BEST review I've seen for this laptop and I watched a lot of them - I ordered the laptop yesterday.
Mohd Faizan
Gameplay bgm please😍
Charlie Turnbull
Is this the 430 pound or the 550 pound version?
Eduardo Mafra
NFS Rivals is capped by default at 30FPS, so anything close to this is ok.
BTW, beautiful piece of hardware, and very good and detailed review! 👍
Syeikh Hafiy
is the i5 good for gaming ?
Jeremy Utama
Hi Tech Virus,i would be thankful if you want to asnwer my question.I have bought this HP Pavilion X360 with 8GB RAM,1TB storage and Nvidia GeForceMX130,can i use this laptop to work and play games? Thankyouu
Rajan Sahani Graphic Designer with Photoshop

Rules topup
Can i play Rules of Survival in this laptop?
Nandhakumar NNK
Hey Where is the LAN port on this???
Which one is betterHP Pavilion X360 14-BA077TU(2018) or HP Pavilion X360 14-BA075TU (2017) ?
Johnny Dodger
U reckon I can play train simulator on this
tasnimur rahman
Is there any HP pavilion laptop which has 8gb of ram and 4gb of nvedia graphics??
Please tell me..
Giridhara bhatt
Sir, Do we get stylus with 13' laptop (HP Pavilion x360 13-u131tu) too?
a a
one of the best review I ever seen
Nitesh Kumar
Which one is batter hp pavilion x360 ba 075 TX or dell Inspiron touch screen for battery back up ?
Hey man does this have a backlit keyboard?
Jesu alex
Can we use the pen to draw in abobe illustrator
Raj Estate
Isn’t it the screen is very reflective?? Pls reply!!
Can we play Fortnite on this laptop
Debojit Rocker
Veddy veddy good wideo! Joke. Nice description mate, I have one arriving in 2 days.
Santanu Mandal
temp goes to 76 from 36. not very impressive
Gaurab Ghosh
hp ba073tx or dell 7460? dell has ddr5 graphics card, 128gb ssd+1gb 5400rpm hdd, bezel less display, only missing touch and 360 rotation.
Thomas Raju
How to setup a projector​ on this laptop ....
No Limits
Thank you for your rewiew! This laptop is what I need
It's come with pre install windows 10 pro
[email protected] $ingh
can i play gta 5 in it
Ritika Doshi
when we rotate it 360 and use it as a tablet , does the screen rotate to vertical , i mean like a long notebook
Abhishek Reddy
Is there a CD player in this laptop...... Plz anyone using it plz plz let me know 😉
Riya sk
which one is better HP Pavilion 15-cc102TX or hp i5 pavilion 360 series???? plz reply fast
Tarik Isik
hp convertible 14" pavilion x360 14-ba087nz - - - - what about this guy?
Jul But
I have no idea if a tactil screen is good or if it's better to have a classic laptop.
Victor A
Is this a good laptop just for school and Spotify?
Rajasthan Vlogs
Can gta 5 is playable in this laptop ???
Tech Vipin
Nice video bro complited review
Oscar Ramoncito IV De Leon

What is the battery life? I have the same model but battery life while surfing and doing nothing is about under 5 hours. Is this right?
Nice review man!
Did we can install Linux
Mohamed Nour
helpful information many thanks
Devansh Sharma
display and screen is awosome
Adriana Aranda
will this pen work on photoescape app for editing pictures???
Decent review...does its job...
Damshot gaming
Did we play fortnite in it
Chetan Ghadi
In this laptop csgo online nd pubg runs in it bro rly me
sanchita kochhar
Sir, I am planning to buy a laptop but only for general computing, nothing heavy. Is this a good choice or should I go for some other laptop, 8th gen/ i5 ?
Srinivas Satya
the first thing I noticed is you changed the default wallpaper
Arijit Biswas
Awesome video. Btw we would have reached the same conclusion even if you'd said you were a great artist. JK! :) ;)
Brian Covington
Great review. THANKS!
I really liked your review. your discussion was precise, to the point and most importantly you have soothing clear voice which many reviewers lacks. Subscribed.
Prakash chaudhary
very nice brother
i am confused between ipad pro and this hp laptop
so please suggest me that which device is better in performance , pricing and multitasking
i am a heavy user of tech
so please reply
Divyam Vishwakarma
Hi sir, I purchased this laptop but I am Having a doubt that this laptop run illustrator or in design smoothly without logging.
Can u clear my doubt and confusion???
ParitOsh VishnOi
How to find product key for ms office 2016 with hp x360
harsh sable
The review was very helpful...👌 👍
i just bought it. Did´t this notebook have internal microphone? i cant make voice search, or talk with asana.

Please tell me if dont have or is a problem of my notebook.
inayat anu
This laptop is video editing laptop like animination(cartoon) video
Pika Pi
can it be used for gaming??
wow looks very elegant. what laptop do you use everyday?
Kateri Wynne
Thanks for not making your review to wordy. Lol I love tec but don’t know a lot about it.
My MacBook Pro died so I’m thinking of getting this.
Charchit Pareek
Man i wanted this for education purpose and can i use it 12-13hrs regularly
Can we play gta 5 in this laptop
Deepak Chouhan
Gaming or photo editing mr skte h
my HP Intel Core I7
Ashutosh Tiwari
Can Gta5 be played on it?
Sayantan Nandi
Excellent device. I was thinking about purchasing a costlier ipad pro 12.9, but now I will be going for a slightly more premium version of the HP pavilion series, which is a lot cheaper and much more functional than an ipad pro in my opinion. Thanks for reviewing it.
Debabrata Satapathy
Does it has a glass protection and are the keys make disturbances during tablet mode.
Raj Mudholkar
Will the mechanical engineering related software run?
Sukhdev Taneja
Looking great laptop
Akshat Jain
Your review helped me...thanku😇
mr. rupachand topale
I also have this laptop but gta 5 was not working in this